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Team-Based Learning

Let's motivate your employees and bring awareness to how we can improve workflow. 

About Our Learning Workshops

Growth and development is an ongoing process for employees, managers, and leaders. I've developed three Team-based Learning Workshops that introduce key concepts for workflow and productivity. Through hands-on training sessions, I provide practical tools that participants can take out of the room and start using immediately. Team-based Learning Workshops can be used in a variety of settings like staff retreats, employee workshops, group training programs and leadership seminars. Anywhere that you are looking for your team to gain valuable, effective tools—count on me.




We all know it’s not about getting MORE done, it’s about getting the RIGHT things done. How you organize your day makes all the difference in how successful you’ll be at the end of the day. Using experiential learning techniques, Sara will share practical strategies your team members can implement to A.C.E. Your Day.


Clear Is Kind




Strengths for Teams

One of the ways we can increase effectiveness, both individually and as a team, is by playing to our strengths. Strengths for Teams provides support to not only get clear on individual strengths but the strengths of the whole team as well. The results lead to better communication, improved workflow, increased efficiency, and team growth. 

Thank you, Sara. You really hit the mark for our team and inspired a lot of great conversations and rethinking of our systems to help us be more effective and efficient. 

Adrianna Foss, Director Early Childhood Education Programs, Orfalea Foundation

Meet Sara

Hi, I'm Sara. Unlike other executive coaches that focus primarily on big-picture goals, I focus on the nuts and bolts of execution—creating systems and structures that boost productivity and workplace effectiveness. Whether you're an individual struggling with time management issues or a growing small business in need of team cohesion, I help identify where the breakdowns occur so we can implement more effective and efficient workflow solutions. For it's only with this step, that big-picture goals can become a reality.

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