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1:1 Workflow Coaching

Once aware of productivity issues and their solutions, employees benefit from guidance to make necessary changes.

About Coaching with Sara

I've said it before and I'll say it again, we have to get people working smarter—not harder. I can make vast improvements with individuals when I sit down with them and we align what their manager is looking for with what their role is and what their goals are. I have worked with managers, supervisors, managers-in-training, entry-level employees, knowledge workers, CEO's, executives, team leaders... In summary, I've coached professionals at all levels. And no matter what their role, if you want more from a team member and aren't sure how to make it happen—that's when you call me.


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Accountability Coaching

Accountability is everything when it comes to accomplishing the objectives you’ve defined for yourself. Whether you’re an entrepreneur wanting to reach your goals, a business owner wanting to increase your bottom line, an employee needing to maintain structure to hit your numbers, or a manager needing to manage more effectively—you’d benefit from Accountability Coaching.


Strengths Coaching




Workplace Effectiveness Coaching

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Thank you, Sara. You really hit the mark for our team and inspired a lot of great conversations and rethinking of our systems to help us be more effective and efficient. 

Adrianna Foss, Director Early Childhood Education Programs, Orfalea Foundation

Meet Sara

Hi, I'm Sara. Unlike other executive coaches that focus primarily on big-picture goals, I focus on the nuts and bolts of execution—creating systems and structures that boost productivity and workplace effectiveness. Whether you're an individual struggling with time management issues or a growing small business in need of team cohesion, I help identify where the breakdowns occur so we can implement more effective and efficient workflow solutions. For it's only with this step, that big-picture goals can become a reality.

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