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Ways we can work together.


Professional Development Training

It starts with training in order to motivate your employees and bring awareness to how we can improve workflow. 

We are in an age where employees recognize the value of continual, adult learning and development. Growth and development is an ongoing process for employees, managers and leaders. We didn't officially learn to be organized or manage time effectively or be efficient, so it's imperative that we think through how we do things as we get into positions where these skills become more vital.


Through hands-on training sessions, I provide practical tools that participants can take out of the room and start using immediately. Whether I'm teaching organization skills, time and resource management or workflow system tools, you can be sure that the energy is high, the participants are engaged and productivity is soon to be boosted. Trainings can be used for a variety of settings like staff retreats, employee workshops, group training programs and leadership seminars. Anywhere that you are looking for your team to gain valuable, effective tools—count on me.

Professional Development Training


Workflow Consulting

A chance to lift up the hood on your workflow so we can get you running strong. 

Making improvements on an individual level is important, but unless you literally live on an island and work in a vacuum by yourself, then you are constantly engaged in a workflow process with others. No matter which position you hold in an organization, workflow is how things move forward and get done. And, in a team you are only as strong as your weakest link. Therefore, I partner with teams to get them functioning better together. This happens by strengthening their workflow systems and processes. We accomplish it through a combination of words that start with the letter C: conversation, collaboration, co-active coaching and communication. And we approach it by creating a workflow strategy, design and implementation plan. In the end, you'll be working smarter—not harder. 


One-on-One Workplace Effectiveness Coaching

Once aware of productivity issues and their solutions, employees benefit from guidance to make necessary changes.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, we have to get people working smarter—not harder. I can make vast improvements with individuals when I sit down with them and we align what their manager is looking for with what their role is and what their goals are. I have worked with managers, supervisors, managers-in-training, entry-level employees, knowledge workers, CEO's, executives, team leaders... In summary, I've coached professionals at all levels. And no matter what their role, if you want more from a team member and aren't sure how to make it happen—that's when you call me.

One-on-one prductivity coaching
Workflow Consulting


Accountability Coaching

Research shows that when you are held accountable to someone, you are more likely to do that thing.

Accountability is everything. And I mean everything when it comes to maintaining systems and accomplishing the objectives you've defined for yourself. Whether you're an entrepreneur wanting to reach your goals, a business owner wanting to increase your bottom line, an employee needing to maintain structure to hit your numbers, or a manager needing to manage more effectively—you'd benefit from accountability coaching. How it works is simple: we create the structure and define your goals and then we meet a certain number of times to clarify, redefine and continue to push forward what you set out to do. It's through these consistent meetings that you're able to reflect on your practices, continue to grow into stronger habits and, ultimately, reach those high standards you set for yourself.

Accountability Coaching


What leaders are saying.

Working with Sara at TV Santa Barbara was a real game changer for our organization. She helped us identify our strengths, both individually and as a team, which immediately helped increase communication and productivity. As Executive Director, I experienced a positive culture shift at TVSB after only a few months working with Sara. I wish I would have implemented the Strengthfinder Assessments, facilitated discussions and productivity trainings much earlier! I will continue to use and recommend Sara Caputo Consulting.

Erik Davis, Executive Director at TV Santa Barbara

Sara's workshop has helped our staff organize their work life better and has provided our staff with the tools necessary to tackle work's endless challenges. Sara brings the perfect mixture of knowledge and fun to a workshop that allows us to let go and learn in a casual way. She is dynamic and knowledgeable and her enthusiasm for helping individuals and departments operate more efficiently will spread to your staff, allowing them to be more productive, more organized, and more happy in their position.

Grant Burlew, Assistant Director for Staff Development & Diversity Office for Residential Education, University of Southern California

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