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Transforming how individuals, teams and small businesses navigate workflow and increase productivity. 

With a master's degree in organizational psychology from Antioch University, I've developed the nationally-recognized Productivity Puzzle model that helps individuals, teams and businesses transform their workflow in order to increase productivity. My approach starts with helping people to find strategies and solutions that work for their own brains, needs and life—creating their individual Productivity Puzzle that works for them, not against them. With a background in using StrengthsFinder in my coaching, you might find it interesting to know my top five strengths are Discipline, Responsibility, Input, Relator and Developer.

My work's been featured in Working Woman and Success magazines as well as on My column, Simply 805, appears regularly in the Santa Barbara Independent, and my writings on all matters of productivity have spanned many publications. 

How did I get here?


The Brief Story of My Life


Applied and got accepted to a post-graduate internship in dietetics (necessary and essential on my way to becoming a registered dietitian) in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I knew not one soul and made a go of it by figuring out how to live in the deep south and use my Minnesota "nice" skills to make friends, work with lots of different people and often to learn and grow professionally.


I added the + Productivity to my business name because at this point I was mainly doing consulting and coaching with teams around workflow. I also was given the opportunity to start writing my own column, The Productivity Corner, for my local newspaper. 


Our second amazing son, Zackary Steven Caputo, was born!


Our first sweet son, Benjamin Nelson Caputo, was born!


Graduated from Antioch University with a Masters Degree in Organizational Psychology. Met my hubby Steve, fell in love with this most interesting, amazing and beautiful human and...


Worked for self development company and started graduate school at Antioch University.


Intense soul searching found me reading a lot, journaling and trying to 'figure it out'. I read the book If Life is a Game, These are the Rules and knew I had to meet the author. This led me on a wild goose chase that made absolutely  no sense at the time (but makes perfect sense in retrospect). So I found myself in Santa Barbara, California with this author in a self development workshop where upon completion I proclaimed that I was leaving Myrtle Beach, moving to California and would again make a go for it. (Notice a theme here? My poor parents!)


Started to realize that this particular version of health/wellness in being a RD wasn't going to work for me. I wasn't up for the constant argument that food is in fact medicine with the Dr's in clinical nutrition, so a lot of soul searching began.


Organic Chemistry almost took me down, but I graduated from University of Wisconsin - Stout with a BS in Nutrition Science and a minor in psychology.


Still not entirely sure what I wanted to focus on in college, I heard about University of Wisconsin that had a program centered around nutrition and wellness and food science, which was an interest of mine, so off I went and became a UW-Stout Blue Devil!


Graduated High School. Determined that I had way too many interests and not enough focus, I attended Itasca Community College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. For 2 years I got some fun out of my system, enjoyed my newfound freedom and studied for my generals. 


We moved to a new house that our family built. This was my first experience with space planning, moving, reorganizing and clearing clutter. I spent an entire year helping my parents purge, clear out the old and get re-settled into new spaces. My soul was on fire.


Got my first job at 11 years old! Started working in our family business, Nelson's Variety, running the cash register, stocking shelves and helping customers gave me a feel for business and entrepreneurship. It was the first time I felt what it was like to be productive, trusted and helpful while earning money. (Plus I had access to a TON of candy!)


Created my first upside-down-cardboard-box-desk... complete with a lamp, pens and journal. I can still remember the exhilaration of sitting on the floor with my legs tucked under the box and doing some serious "work" in that journal.


Created my first "round table discussion" with my stuffed animals. I'd use a shampoo bottle as a microphone and introduce each animal and ask questions about all sorts of important stuff. The Sara Show was a huge success!


Entered the world on a bright sunshiny spring Minnesota morning.


Picked back up right where I left off from my Nelson's Variety days and created my business Radiant Organizing. I spent many years focusing on physical organization with people. I've seen every single space you can imagine. Literally, nothing could shock me! I loved this kind of work and was very good at it, but was ready to add on the next layer so I started creating professional development training for the workplace and was given some amazing opportunities to move my business towards more business consulting and coaching.


Married Steve and finally said goodbye to the most boring name on the planet (Sara Nelson) and became the exotic Sara Caputo! 


Started my blog, wrote my first book, The Productivity Puzzle, and started doing much more coaching and consulting with individuals, small teams and entrepreneurs. Realized I'm very good at creating structure and helping people implement it. Realized this new direction of my business is what I am really meant to do in my life and the reason I am on the planet. 


Added Crucial Conversations Training to my toolkit... This is an incredible book that gives people the tools to have high-stakes conversations—both personally and professionally.


Started integrating Gallup Strengths Finder into my business as a culture tool to help people understand what is working well so we can build on their strengths, creating more productive and engaged individuals and teams.


Realized my name—and thought leadership—is my brand so evolved my company once more.


I was honored to be the 2019 Spirit of Entrepreneurship (SOE) Award Recipient for Professional Services. The SOE Awards recognize the work and contributions of outstanding women entrepreneurs in Santa Barbara & Ventura Counties.



Delivered new professional development training around Transforming Workplace Drama: 3 Vital Questions.


I feel so fortunate to get to do what I love everyday and make a difference in people's lives in a positive, practical way. Thanks for being on this journey with me!

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