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My goal is to help shape the best practices for business workflow and productivity.

I'm often asked to share my thoughts on ways to capitalize on productivity strategies and over the years have written articles for various magazines, newspapers and blogs, plus I've even been featured in a college textbook. Below are links to some of my articles that will provide you with more insight into the importance of this growing business practice.

Cited in College Textbook 

I'm featured in the college textbook Organizational Behavior: Managing People and Organizations by Ricky Griffin of Texas A&M University and Greg Moorehead of Arizona State University. 

In the textbook, the authors cite my work and discuss how I've found that happiness and productivity are a cause-and-effect relationship. If people enjoy the work they are doing, they are going to be more productive.


This feature was a great honor and not only a milestone in my career, but also for establishing credibility for the practice of workflow and productivity strategies.

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 Sara, I just wanted to say thank you for being so great and working with me! You are awesome and have a wonderful talent for helping people figure things out. I am at the tail end of my beach trip and am excited to get back in the studio. Thanks again!

Julie Ferris, Equestrian Artist

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