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Team Coaching

Supporting and empowering individuals while also strengthening team dynamics and outcomes. 

About Team Coaching

What's a team coach and why do I or we need one?  The answer lies in the areas of challenge the team is facing. Every team has issues—no team is 100% free of issues. Therefore, a team coach helps support, motivate, guide, and empower each individual on the team to face their unique challenges while supporting the overall team structure.  

Team coaching fosters self-awareness and vulnerability, enabling people to be open about how they see themselves as individuals and as part of a team. Think of it as a muscle that needs constant exercise and development and when strengthened it can lead to increased engagement, productivity, and performance. 

How Sara Works as a Team Coach

Commonly referred to as a "Sarapist," Sara provides a unique mix of workplace therapy, productivity and efficiency coaching—her sweet spot and main focus over the past 10 years of coaching and consulting. Team coaching can also include team building and bonding. To do this often means getting outside the office and working with teams on ropes courses and other outdoor experiences. Think of Sara as part facilitator, part cheerleader, part motivator, part advisor, and part coach. 

Types of Teams Sara Works With

Sara specializes working with teams of 20 or less. She often works with young leaders and managers who need help with  growing and developing their team in a strategic and effective way. She also partners with small business owners to help them answer the question: What can we do better? And then coach the teams within the organization in either a proactive or reactive manner.


It's very helpful to have a second set of eyes in your business as well as a neutral party to help mend, support, nudge and gently push your team to new heights.



Example Tools We Use





Working with Sara at TV Santa Barbara was a real game changer for our organization. She helped us identify our strengths, both individually and as a team, which immediately helped increase communication and productivity.

Erik Davis, Executive Director at TV Santa Barbara

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