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Discover your Productivtity Puzzle. 

All our engagements start here. Through working with leaders at all levels, I've discovered that when trying to solve productivity and workflow issues, we must focus on four key areas: physical systems, time management, to-do lists and planning. This makes up your Productivity Puzzle. Through the Productivity Puzzle framework, we're then able to uncover underlying obstacles, address challenges, and create solutions for a workflow that works for you—not against you. 

1: Physical Systems

Staying on task, starts with your environment.

The space you work in has a huge impact on how well you can get—and stay—focused on your highest-level work. When your space works for you, and your paper and digital systems are in alignment with how you think, you can really get in your groove.


Luckily, there are effective tools that can help manage the chaos that "stuff" creates. Through our time together, we get to the root of the chaos and implement systems that will keep you on task.

Physical Systems

2: Time & Calendar

Are you blocking out time for your deep dives?

Management of time is more than just the right calendar system, it's also knowing how to carve out time to take deep dives. Think of your workload as an iceberg. Your daily tasks are the ice we see above the water—like emails, meetings and urgent requests. We tend to focus our time here because these tasks are often pressing and affect daily life. Yet, the stuff lurking below the surface—the long-term projects—is often what adds meaning and purpose to your work and life.

The Productivity Puzzle helps you recognize what you've pushed below the surface so you can create ways to take the plunge and make them a priority. 

Time & Calendar

3: To-Do's & Tasks

Daily, weekly, monthly—are you getting things checked off?

A task system is only useful if it's maintained and managed in a way that fits your life, your work, and your particular need for detail. Everyone is different, so there is no one way to manage this area of your puzzle; however, it still needs to be managed.

Learning how to connect with and update your tasking system is key to success. I help you examine this area so you can get your daily, weekly and monthly goals aligned. 


4: Plan & Maintain

The glue that holds it all together.

Systems are only useful if they're maintained. Strategically planning both your time and your resources is critical to stay proactive and ahead of the time game. When these two are in harmony, then the magic can happen. 

I help you develop planning & maintaining skills that are critical to integrating a successful workflow system. Because creating strong habits that have us thinking and planning ahead helps us spend less time wasting time—our most valuable resource.  


- Horace Mann
Plan & Maintain


What leaders are saying.

I know our whole team has benefited from working with Sara. As a testament to her impact, many of the issues we have been discussing and reviewing fall into two categories; BS (Before Sara) and AS (After Sara). We all really benefited from our meetings with her and we are continually working on a more formal, regular and structured meeting schedule. 

Dave Peters, Principal, Peters & Milam Insurance Services

Sara helps us continue to focus on the relevant top issues in our business and makes sure we are moving through them by holding our leaders and our team accountable through ongoing bi-weekly workflow coaching. Additionally, having her assist with our ongoing planning, challenges and growth really helps push our team to the next level. Sara is awesome!

Karen Mora, Owner, Accountability Plus

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