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Either you run the day or the day runs you.

Let's get you running strong.

PRODUCTIVITY is never by accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.

- Paul J. Meyer


Let's increase workplace effectiveness for you, your team and your organization. 

Hi, I'm Sara. Unlike other executive coaches that focus primarily on big-picture goals, I focus on the nuts and bolts of execution—creating systems and structures that boost productivity and workplace effectiveness. Whether you're an individual struggling with time management issues or a growing small business in need of team cohesion, I help identify where the breakdowns occur so we can implement more effective and efficient workflow solutions. For it's only with this step, that big-picture goals can become a reality.


Discover your Productivtity Puzzle. 

Everyone's productivity challenges and successes fall into one of four key areas, this is your Productivity Puzzle. If just one of these areas isn't functioning optimally, it can drastically affect your efficiency and effectiveness. This is true for both individuals and teams. Discovering your Productivity Puzzle is the foundation for all our engagements. 

physical systems

Working in today's fast-paced culture, our "stuff" has a tendency to pile up and overwhelm us. Yet with the right tools you can help manage and minimize the chaos.

Time & Calendar

Time management is more than just the right calendar system, it's also knowing how to carve out the right amount of time—especially for yourself.

& Tasks

Our lists continue to grow and grow, but how are we at checking things off? Learning how to prioritize and update your to-do's daily is just the start.

Plan &

This is the glue that holds your life together. Understanding how to continually maximize your efforts is key to sustaining any long-term change.


Ways we can work together.


Professional Development Training

Help your entire group grow and learn with a high-energy training session with tools and strategies to implement immediately. 


Workplace Effectiveness Coaching

In order to help an entire business become more efficient, we have to start with ourselves first.


Workflow Consulting

 Consulting includes workflow strategies, design and implementation for teams and small businesses.


Accountability Coaching

Creating and staying accountable to what you set out to do is what separates most successful people from less successful.

Thank you, Sara. You really hit the mark for our team and inspired a lot of great conversations and rethinking of our systems to help us be more effective and efficient. 

Adrianna Foss, Director Early Childhood Education Programs, Orfalea Foundation



Spring-Cleaning Your Mind

My latest Santa Barabara Independent article  is a guide to mental decluttering. As the seasons transition, it’s not just our physical spaces that could use a refresh, but our mental landscapes too! This article provides a detailed way to do a mental Brain Dump. Taking the time to do this exercise could also provide clarity and inspiration for what to do next with our 24-Day challenge. Sometimes we have to clear our minds to find our focus and be reenergized. Read my May newsletter to find out more!

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